Glow Adventurer AC55- X Combo





New to the Alvey GLOW RANGE

This Adventurer GLOW 55-X is like no other reel based in the 55G Reel

Charge this little beauty up in the sun for 2 hours to energize and based on our trials it will glow bright for 6-8 hours

The fibre glass spool runs on a small diameter stainless steel bush to give an extra free running action.   Graphite backed with Stainless Steel Base Assembly.

Left-Handed reels are available on request – Just drop a line in the comments on the check-out page if you would like a Left-Hand orientation

For specifications on this product please go to our Australian website:

Delivery Available
Warranty Covered
A Better way to fish

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The Surf Champ 65GVCRT is one serious weapon.⁠

G - Graphite⁠
V - Vented⁠
C - Non-reversing drag⁠
R - Rapid retrieve (30% faster)⁠
T - Turbocast⁠

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