Thank you for giving Alvey Reels an opportunity to showcase our comprehensive range of quality fishing reels and accessories. Alvey Reels have a commitment to provide you with exceptional products and outstanding service.

When you purchase an Alvey fishing reel you can rest assured that you won’t be let down. Alvey reels are manufactured to best practice standards and are in fact so robust that they can be dunked in the ocean for a quick rinse if exposed to beach sand! Alvey reels certainly have a reputation for being durable; however, they are the choice of many competitive anglers for many other reasons. No other style of fishing reel allows the line to run directly over your index finger while you retrieve your line; this form of fishing is extremely sensitive and enables you to feel the smallest of bites.

Most Alvey reels use what is commonly known as a sidecast fishing action which means the reel is turned sideways to cast. Alveys unique sidecast system is very easy to master, and once mastered you will be casting like a champion. Alvey reels have the capability of casting so far that the late Jack Alvey actually won a long distance casting medal at the International Casting Championships.

The Production Development of

the Alvey Reel

The Manufacturing

The manufacturing history of our company is as diverse as it is long. We have always prided ourselves on manufacturing everything that we could cost effectively do in-house.

This has led to a very diverse range of manufacturing skills and equipment under one roof. This also allows us to monitor quality and just in time deliveries of our components…

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