Glow Bait Bucket Kit with x4 Inserts





Alvey Reels are proud to announce the launch of another world first! Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Alvey GLOW Bait Bucket Kit is the first and only bucket kit in the world with engineered, custom inserts that are charged by the sun and glow into the night.
Perfect for carrying bait, equipment, snacks and your favorite beverage without leaks or contamination.
To keep the elements out and your contents in securely, this bucket and lid is specifically engineered to be an extremely tight fit. We recommend removing the lid tab (and lip if needed) upon first use.
Manufactured entirely from Australian made materials in Australia, the Alvey GLOW Bait Bucket Kit is perfect for day or night fishing adventures on the beach, pier or boat.
• 10L bucket (28cm H x 27cm Top x 24cm Base)
• 100% Australian Made from Australian raw materials
• 5 part Bait and Bucket kit, 5 buckets in 1
• Bucket inserts made from revolutionary glow material – 2hrs of sun, glows for up to 10 hours
• Reusable, chemical free and environmentally friendly

For specifications on this product please go to our Australian website:

Delivery Available
Warranty Covered
A Better way to fish

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With no size limit in Queensland and with soft bones, the Winter Whiting can be the perfect dog treat. ⁠

Just be sure it's gutted and gilled first in case there's a hook in there.⁠

Do you give your dog any treats from the water? Let us know in the comments.⁠

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Early morning jiggin' in Victoria with the legends at @afnfishingandoutdoors⁠


It's almost jiggin' time.⁠


Is an Alvey winch on your wishlist?⁠

What would you target with it?⁠

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Our largest glow handles are in stock!⁠

Australian made from Australian raw materials, these awesome handles will glow for up to 10 hours!⁠


What a beautiful Largemouth Nannygai. ⁠

#alveyreelsaustralia #abetterwaytofish ⁠

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Another classic from Teewah in 1963. ⁠

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Is there anything more Aussie than this?⁠

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Behold, the masterpiece Alvey Adina "Flagship" limited edition watch. ⁠

Cold stamped marine grade stainless steel case. ⁠

Aluminium black insert for rotating bezel. ⁠

Custom black PU strap. ⁠

Steel hands with lumen. ⁠

Full index with yellow background and Alvey logo. ⁠

20ATM water resistance. ⁠

6mm 20ATM stainless crown. ⁠

Case fitted with sapphire crystal. ⁠

Assembled by hand in Brisbane. ⁠

The movement is Swiss made Ronda Calibre 5020.B with big date 4 year battery life and 12 hours stopwatch. ⁠

Weight 107g.⁠

Safe to say we're super happy with how these turned out.⁠

A huge thanks to the incredible team at @adina_watches for all the work they've put in getting these just right. To see the full range of limited edition Alvey Adina watches, please visit⁠


Have you noticed any Alvey OS300's down at the boat ramp yet?⁠

Representing awesome value for money, it won't be long before there's one in every offshore angler's arsenal.⁠

For full specs head to, or if you just HAVE to hold one of these beautiful reels head down to your local Alvey Authorised Retailer.⁠




Your chance to win an Alvey Nissan Navara closes 3pm AEST on January 10th.⁠

If you've purchased an Alvey reel between 9am AEST August 1st 2021 and 3pm AEST January 10th 2022, don't forget to register your unique serial number at to go in the draw.⁠

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Is there a better feeling in the world than the first hookup of the day, before you even know what's on the other end?⁠


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When you see it....⁠


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HAPPY 2022!⁠

If you could choose anywhere to fish this year, where would you go?⁠


Jye showing us how the OS300 easily handles the beloved Snapper.⁠ ⁠

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Some rare sea creature no one's ever heard of?⁠

Let us know your favourite non-fish seafood in the comments below.⁠

Kim looking guilty!⁠

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