82GVCN2 reel matched to solid glass rod R82.
Great heavy reef fishing combo that lets you control large fish.
Huge line capacity and winching power that does not require
lift and wind action.
Suits line weights up to 23 kg.

For specifications on this product please go to our Australian website:

Delivery Available
Warranty Covered
A Better way to fish

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The latest addition to our growing GLOW range.⁠

For those nights you just can't stop....⁠

#alveyglowrange #australianmade

Looking to cast longer?⁠

Maybe you need an Alvey sidecast reel...... 😁⁠

Head to your local Alvey Authorised Retailer or for the longest and most accurate casting reels in the world.⁠


When this happens, do you:⁠

a) get annoyed⁠
b) say "fair play"⁠
c) other (let us know below)⁠


Family time is the BEST.⁠

Family time FISHING ..... well.... what's better than the BEST?⁠

BEST-est? 🤔⁠

📸 Mick Dalzell

What's the closest you've ever come to a whale out on the boat fishing?⁠

📷 @underwaterstuffs

Have you seen our GLO range yet?⁠

The legendary @tashafee sure has!⁠

Head to your local Alvey Authorised Retailer (list on our website) or to to see the latest with up to 10 hours of bright glow time. ⁠

Super handy for night sessions (or day sessions that are so good you just have to keep going into the night)

Is this the greatest offshore rod ever made?⁠

In his last trip to the US, one of our Alvey family visited a bespoke custom rod manufacturer who has since become great friends of ours from across the Pacific. ⁠

After finishing the testing on the OS300, we challenged our new friends to design a rod that lives up to the 30kg (65LB) drag, with a stiff action but retaining a light feel, perfectly balanced to the weight of the OS300 reel.⁠

That's how the new ROS300 rod was born!⁠

The best part is that this rod was designed, engineered and built with the best available components, each one being hand painted with the OS300 bespoke purple accents. The worst part is that only 25 have been made, of which there is now 20 available with 5 remaining in the US as showpieces and demonstration rods for the OS300.⁠

For more info, head to⁠


Mary Beth with a huge Sheepshead on the Alvey Orbiter in Texas.⁠

Did you know Sheepsheads have human looking teeth? Don't believe us? Do a quick Google search 🤣⁠

📸 Bamm Bamm Charters, Port Mansfield, Texas⁠.⁠


That's one way to stand out on the beach.⁠



Do you fish with your kids?⁠

Is there anything better?⁠

Do we even need to ask? 🙂⁠

📷 @rock_hoppin ⁠


Spotted on the beaches of Florida. Captain Rick and Alvey.⁠

You can't do this with a spin reel.🙂⁠


📷 @floridainsiderfishingreport

Can you relate? ⁠


It's AWESOME seeing the young ones getting into the Alveys. ⁠

"2019 Little Miss BCBL showing off a nice Skip Jack on the surf of South Padre Island, South Texas."⁠

📷 @bocachicabeachlegends⁠


Ready to go at a moments notice....⁠

📷 @tashafee ⁠

Couple of beautiful YF's from the one and only Minnie.⁠


With the holidays fast approaching and delivery times varying across the country, now's the time to start planning your Christmas orders.⁠

Our laser engraving has been a huge success over the last couple of years and it's the perfect way to personalise that new reel for yourself or a loved one. But keep in mind laser engraving is a slow process and allow extra time to have it completed. For more information on our unique laser engraving, head to⁠

Christmas will be here before we know it!