SR100 and RO100 Combo





Combo: A Orbiter SR100 Rod on a R100 2.1 M ( 7 )  2 piece Rod

Orbiter Description

The reel looks sensational with its beautiful black and gold colouring and has some incredible features such as 9 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings, 5.8:1 ratio and some excellent line capacity. The drag strength on these reels is incredible.

The reels also feel like a dream. The big knob on the handle make commanding the fish a breeze…. you are fully in control of the fish.

So, be excited – be very excited! The side casts are still king of the beach, but these reels are about to become king of the estuaries, flats, bays and reefs!


Rod Description

Designed specifically for the Orbiter SR100 and SR200 reels, this 2 piece rod features medium tip action, Fuji Reel Seat and Fuji runners.

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